Victor Martinez
Minneapolis City Council Ward 5

Safer Communities
Empowered Youth

Create Jobs

Bringing safety and prosperity to the Northside for all.

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Our city is in a very dangerous place right now. We need more law enforcement more then ever before. Ward 5 by and large rejects calls to abolish or defund our police.

I want to bring back walking beat officers to build relationships with the community. Trust is the foundation of safety. I support early intervention systems to ID troubled cops earlier in their career rather than later.

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Victor's Why

 Why choose me for City Council:


Our city is extremely divided right now. Our city council doesn't get along with the Mayor. The council doesn't get along with the MPD, the park board doesn't get along with the Mayor, the council doesn't get along with the county. What our city needs more than ever is a voice that can bring us together, a voice that can help us find consensus. Our differences don't have to divide us anymore. That is exactly what I bring to the table. As a Pastor, I have dedicated my entire life to bringing broken people, family's and my community together. I will bring this same spirit to the entire city of Minneapolis.

---Why I choose to run


Last year, many things were said and done by our cities leadership that negatively affected my family. It also affected my church and my friend's businesses. I said to myself, "If I can do something about it and I don't, then I shouldn't complain", so here I am.

I took the month of October to figure out what exactly was going on. I talked to over 100 people. After hearing 2 commons themes I made the decision to run for the city council and to make your platform my platform. I have heard your voice loud and clear. To my amazement, I found out that the Northside has been asking for a safer and more prosperous community since 1967. I am running to finally take North Minneapolis in a safer and more prosperous direction.

Pastor Victor Brings healing to the Nort
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