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Victor Martinez
Minneapolis City Council Ward 5

Increase Public Safety
Family Legislation 

Community Development

Bringing safety and prosperity to the Northside for all.

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Two years ago this started, Lawlessness is real


Now Ward 5 continues down a spiral with silent leadership

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Victor's Why

 Why choose me for City Council:


Our city is incredibly divided right now. Our city council doesn't get along with the Mayor. The commission doesn't get along with the MPD, the park board doesn't get along with the Mayor, the council doesn't get along with the county. What our city needs more than ever is a voice that can bring us together, a voice that can help us find consensus. Our differences don't have to divide us anymore. That is exactly what I bring to the table. As a Pastor, I have dedicated my entire life to bringing broken people, families, and my community together. I will bring this same spirit to the entire city of Minneapolis.

Pastor Victor Brings healing to the Nort
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