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Victor Martinez for
Minneapolis City Council Ward 5

A Common
Sense Ward 5 Leader

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Why I am running for City Council Ward 5

Public Safety is an ecosystem that needs to work well together.

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Our Ward 5 City Council Member Jeremiah Ellison just voted (Sept 21, 2023) against letting the Minneapolis Police Department request help to keep us safe! 


Historically low staffing:"Not sustainable"

“This is absolutely not sustainable,” Minneapolis police Chief Brian O’Hara told the outlet. “Thank God for all these other agencies that are filling this gap.”

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Our Ward 5 City Council Member doesn't return messages.

Here is my email., here is my opponents email.
See who answers 1st or at all. 

I'm the business-friendly city council Ward 5 candidate. Under my opponents, leadership Aldi, Subway, Walgreens, Chase bank, and now our only sit-down restaurant on Broadway Breaking Bread is closing its door.  I've started multiple businesses on the Northside and know what it takes to bring in business, within my 1st term, I will bring in a mom-and-pop grocery store. 

Minneapolis has a drug and mental health crises that needs support. Encampments are dangerous for its residents and neighbors. 

Minneapolis Ward 5 is in a downward spiral with silent leadership, I will help turn us around.

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The Ward 5 City Council Candidate, Victor Martinez Video

Victor Martinez, City Council Candidate Ward 5

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