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Victor Martinez
Minneapolis City Council Ward 5

Safer Communities
Public Safety Transformation
Business Renaissance

Bringing safety and prosperity to the Northside for all.

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Victor’s Priorities and differences with our Current Council Member 

Business Renaissance

With The Light rail coming down Broadway, we have 1 in a century opportunity to do it right.


To encourage entrepreneurialism, we'll cut through red tape and create tax incentives to help people within our communities and beyond build businesses in North. I have a plan to help usher in the new Broadway, one that is growing and is safe for everyone.


Safe Communities

I fully support Dr. Cedric Alexander as Minneapolis, first Community Safety Commissioner.


We can finally do the real hard work of transforming public safety. It will take all of us working well together to achieve this goal.  

 Our current Council Member Jeremiah Ellison voted against 

Dr Alexanders appointment 


Public Safety Transformation

The Unity Community Mediation Team has passed our Memorandum of Understanding. Changing the Police culture takes persistence and teamwork.

Our current Council Member Jeremiah Ellison continues to  divide us with attacks on the MPD.

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