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Victor's Priorities

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Meet Victor

My Story

I am a proud 17-year resident of North Minneapolis. I am a lead pastor, entrepreneur, author, father of three, devoted husband, and community organizer. I am honest, fun-loving, and always available for advice or help.

I am running for City Council because I love Minneapolis — especially the Northside — and I want to see our great city meet its potential for ALL its residents. For over 40 years North residents have been asking for safety and prosperity, and it has not been given to them. I am able, willing and ready to take the Northside in that direction.


I will create tables in our community that will lift the voices of experts and stakeholders, not my own agenda. — The voices of our youth are key to raising a stronger generation that can be put in a position to prosper and grow. I intend to be a voice for common-sense reform in zoning by protecting the last place in Minneapolis where community members can purchase a starter home. Public safety is not only the responsibility of law enforcement but of government officials and the COMMUNITY itself. Finally, I support our 1st African American Police Chief. If there is a Chief in the nation that is capable of bringing meaningful reform to the MPD, It is Chief Rondo. We need council members that are not interested in making a national headline every other week. We need council members that know how to harness relationships at the city, county, state, and federal level. Only together can we make North a prosperous and safe community once and for all.

Growing Up

I was born in Escondido, Calif., to a single mother who struggled with poverty. My family was often homeless, and I spent time in foster care. As a child, I remember going dumpster diving so we would have toys and food to sell. In spite of all these challenges, my mother taught me the value of hard work. She would often leave us for as many as 16 hours a day because she was working two full-time jobs to provide for us.

We moved to Minneapolis when I was 15, and I have lived on the Northside ever since. Growing up here, I learned the value of community, and it’s a lesson that has shaped my adult life.


I am a proud graduate of Patrick Henry High School. Go Pats! I also studied at Bethel University and received my Ministry credentials with the Assemblies of God. 

Leadership Experience

As the Pastor of New Generation Church, leadership is baked into everything I do. I spend time counseling my parishioners through the issues they deal with every day. Helping to restore and guide families through difficult life issues has been such a privilege. I lead services weekly, working to inspire my congregation to serve the world around them. 


In my neighborhood, I serve as an informal block leader. My neighbors are always knocking on my door to get help with livability issues. I have built so many relationships on my block, even with neighbors that initially seemed difficult.

I have extensive experience working with the Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP), and I have seen first hand how it has helped stabilize North Minneapolis residents and empower them in incredible ways. I helped lead the charge at the Northside Residential Redevelopment Council (NRRC) to not only stabilize Minneapolis’s largest community organization but helped us build our 1st ever headquarters in our 40 pulse years of existence. We vetted and approved new development on the northside on a regular basis, making sure that it was sustainable and beneficial long term to its residence.

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“Sometimes I wonder why Victor does so much for the community. But then I will see a young person or single mother voice their gratitude for his help and suddenly, I understand.”

– Daysi Martinez
  Victor's Wife

In My Own Words

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500 Terry Francois Street, San Francisco, CA 94158  |  Tel: 123-456-7890

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