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Watch the YouTube debate, start at 1:1, it's the best part. The Truth

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July 20th debate at New Salem

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Read what your neighbors said about the debate

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Victor Martinez is focused on the issues that matter most to the North Side: improving public safety and increasing economic prosperity in our community. Victor knows it won’t be easy, but he doesn’t shy away from a fight when it comes to making things better in the North Side. Like all candidates, Victor has his flaws, but he is far and away the best candidate in the race to move North Minneapolis forward.

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Endorsement Alert


We endorse Victor Martinez to represent Ward 5 on the Minneapolis City Council.

Victor is deeply concerned about public safety and knows the important role of police, yet he also supports much needed policing reforms. He’s been working hard to recruit officers from within the community.

Victor understands that serving his constituents is a critical part of the job. He will be present for key votes, ensuring that his Ward has a voice.

We are aware that Victor’s deeply held personal beliefs deviate from the DFL platform. However, he has not campaigned on these issues. He is instead focusing on public safety, economic opportunity and constituent services. Martinez is an experienced, responsive leader in his community. We encourage you to vote for Victor Martinez and DO NOT rank Ellison.

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