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The Ward Five DFL endorsing process was planned to first be online, then planned to be in-person. This caused numerous problems, some of which could not be fixed. Rather than try to continue with an irrevocably broken process, both Jeramiah Ellison’s campaign and ours have agreed to request that the Minneapolis DFL cancel the Ward Five endorsing convention and have no endorsement. Our campaigns will face off in the General election on November 7th.


We thank our State Party Leader Chair Ken Martin for his leadership in brokering this agreement. He was key in coming to this resolution. 


I am also thankful to our hundreds of community members that signed up to participate. Our work together has just begun. I ask that you help me take that energy and passion to the streets. 


Please sign up to volunteer this summer!

Let's bring back safety and good old common sense back to our Ward and City! Join me!  


Victor Martinez, Ward 5 City Council Candidate,

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