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Empowered Youth

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken people. 


With 20,000 youth under the age of 18 on the Northside, that's 35% of our population! It's essential that we invest in activities and resources for our young people. They are the future, they are our best investment.

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Create Jobs

People want quality jobs with a living wage in their own community. In my 17 years in North, I've heard leaders call for jobs, but we still lack employers.

I want to attract job creators to North Minneapolis so our residents can work where they live. Ample employment is another hallmark of a healthy community. I have a plan to do it. I commit to bringing West Broadway together to make it clean, make it safe, and have 100% of our storefronts activated. 


Safer Communities

What does a safe community look like? Adults and children using the parks, walking on sidewalks, and engaging with their neighbors. It looks like police who protect and serve ALL residents.

Safety is not a luxury! It's a natural by-product of a functional community and it's something you should demand from your city leadership. City leaders need to bring together all levels of government together to support the community. This is what I plan on doing on day one.

Local Businesses

Let's create an environment where local business thrives!


To encourage entrepreneurialism, we'll cut through red tape and create tax incentives to help people within our communities and beyond build businesses in North. I have a plan to help usher in the new Broadway, one that is growing and is safe for everyone. We struggle to attract business because of out-of-control crime. If we make North safer, particularly around Broadway, we can make sure our business can thrive. 


This is how I plan to accomplish my goals for the Northside

A. Rehab West Broadway

B. Bring back walking beat officers

C. Support efforts to create metrics to ID troubled cops early on

D. Create a youth development fund

E. Empower block leaders to bring communities together

F. Support senior resourses

G. Fund city pathways recruitment efforts for the northside

H. Support environmental justice issues

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